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Writing Prompts for Kids (Creative Story Starts for Children)

The one thing most freelance writers have in common is that they’ve been writing since the time they were a child in school. Just about every school curriculum includes some form of writing as a regular part of elementary, middle, and secondary education programs. In most cases, the older you are, the higher level writing […]

Writing Contests for Teens: Enter, Win, Learn

When I was in high school, my sister and I used to play a little game. We’d write poems to each other in the style of William Carlos Williams. The poems proved most useful in injecting some love into a crap situation. For example: This Is Just to Say By Shana Thompson I have taken your shoes […]

Children’s Book Literary Agents In The US

Everyone loves a good children’s book. So, if this is the genre you write in, you are in great company. What’s more, the outlook is stable, and this is one of the most profitable genres if you get it right. When writing children’s books, it’s always a good idea to make sure you understand the […]

10 Practical Tips on Writing for Children

For every children’s writer, there are hundreds of wannabees. So how can you take the next step to actually become a children’s writer? Hopefully some of these tips will offer you the inspiration you need to do just that. 1. Discover Your True Passion – You can do anything as long as you have the […]

How to Write for Children: Understanding Grade Levels

Leveling is a process of analyzing various text and determining a respective reading level. Leveled books for children are assigned a letter from A-Z, and these letters correlate to different grade levels. “A” level books are written for kindergarten and emergent (beginning to read) readers. It is important as a children’s writer to be aware […]

Writing for Children’s Books — 10 Tips for Success

It’s tougher to keep a child interested because a child doesn’t have the concentration of an adult, but it’s a lovely thing to try to do – Roald Dahl, author of 17 children’s books I may know a lot about children’s concentration being a classroom teacher for more than three decades, but I’m still learning […]

Writing for Children’s TV; Teaching Screenwriting

I have taught a lot of things during the course of my teaching career, but teaching drama to children ranks as one of the most fun. I have been able to work with various sized groups and ages, writing and performing original plays throughout the school year (usually for holidays). During the summer I also […]