The Best Writing Pens

Best Writing Pens

Best Writing Pens

Writers don’t necessarily “write” anymore. Long gone are the days when authors would dip their quill pens into an ink fountain by candle light. Even by contemporary measures, it seems that pens and penmanship are becoming a thing of antiquity (my handwriting has gone downhill as I spend most of my time typing, not scribbling). Still, I admit, from time to time, I like to jot down ideas in a notebook if I’m taking time away from cranking out prose. But there is an art to creating attractive prose by hand—when was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Nevertheless, it’s gotten me to thinking: what are the best writing pens nowadays?

In this article, we’ll take an irreverent look at the best writing pens out there, plus some of my go-to writing implements when I’ve gotta get it down on paper.

Let’s begin!

The Best Writing Pens Websites

If you’re really interested in the best writing pens, trust the die-hard enthusiasts at The Pen Addict. I confess that I’m not a regular pen user, The Pen Addict specializes in the finer points (pun intended) of writing by hand. They cover high-end pens and low-end writing implements, with a connoisseurs’ attention to detail that is astonishing. Plus, The Pen Addict comes with an irreverent panache that is not only informative but down-right charming.

If you’re looking for another website that’s clearly done its homework on the best writing pens on the market, take a look at The Wire Cutter’s review of the best writing pens on the market. They review each pen along a stringent set of criteria that begs the question: “How much free time do they really have?”

Hack Your Pen

C’mon, it’s 2016. Finding the best writing pens may not be what you have in mind—you may just have to hack your way into the best writing implement. Consider this guide on that lays out a simple procedure. As it instructs, you just need to find the best ink refill from a Mont Blanc pen ($200), which costs you $15. You then cut out the proprietary length of the Mont Blanc refill (about 1/8’’) and insert it into a rollerball pen. Now, you can enjoy a professional-grade ink with a semi-professional exterior. Plus, the guide is good for a laugh or two!

Consider the Sharpie

Whether you’re trying to hitchhike, tag your neighbor’s house with graffiti, or jot down an angry note destined for your neighbor’s windshield, a Sharpie is an infallible solution to whatever desperate situation you’ve gotten yourself into. People that typically enjoy the best writing pens might scoff and throw their scarfs over their shoulders in dismissal (a sharpie is a “marker,” after all). Forget them. I’ve used Sharpies to jot down my most deliberate ideas in my most addled states.

However, I’ve found numerous notes in my journals written by the only reliable friend I’ve had within arm’s reach: a sharpie. There’s just something about how it bleeds through paper that ensures that you keep your ideas (and ruin your books).

As a bonus, there is an unspoken rule among army types and degenerates that if you go to sleep with your boots on (read: drunk), you allow yourself an open invitation to having your face drawn on with a sharpie. While this may seem like a cruel prank to play on someone. But remember that the sheer embarrassment they face (another pun!) will prevent a very real inconvenience: boot-rot.

Sharpies come in a variety of colors and sizes. The most common is a black fine-tipped implement. If you’re looking to round out your Sharpie knowledge, consider visiting their website. And if you’re really looking to go deep and wow your friends at the next cocktail party of your choosing, there’s an entire Sharpie biography extending back to the 1800’s. []


I’m sure we all agree that the best writing pens out there range from the low-dollar to the prohibitively expensive. However, have you stopped to consider how far modern man has come to creating the best way to transfer his or her thoughts down to paper? The answer may come from the feathers of a goose!

If you’re looking for a visceral way of exploring the history, why not try creating a quill pen of your own? Just like hacking an expensive pen in our above example, you can get regressive at this website. You can learn all that goes into turning a discarded feather—which is quite a bit more than I had imagined—into a reusable writing implement. If you favor a step-by-step guide from our friends at, there’s also this handy guide, which also shows you how to make your own ink!

If all of this DIY business is getting your frazzled and you just want to order one online (ahh, sweet convenience), consider visiting Dennis Ruud’s website. Or, our good friends at Amazon also have some kits available to help you out.

* * *

We could go on and on about the best writing pens out there—there’s almost an unlimited number of companies that put ink in a cartridge these days. However, we should stop and consider a few things about pens…

I’ve felt that the demands on writers since the reliance on the digital format may account for the high instances of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other ailments. Writing may have proven to be a deciding factor in our species evolution, but I don’t believe our bodies have caught up to repetitious type that informs all of our lives.

Now, you may be wondering about the nature of this article. After all, this is a freelancing website, not a humor website. In fact, this article may seem like a way of gaming SEO. And you’d be correct: this is proof-positive that our techniques at actually work!

Nevertheless, consider this final thought: when was the last time that you had hand-written a letter to your friends or family? You may keep your emails in your inbox, but I know that the best letters I received go in a drawer for safe keeping.

Happy writing!

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  • Jack says:

    I have been using quill and ink pen and i absolutely love it. I have bought a few gift sets online for a great price as well, they will make brilliant little wrap-ups for Christmas.

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