The Best Fiverr Clone for Buyers and Sellers

Best Fiverr Clone

If you’re looking for a Fiverr clone, consider popping over to check out Zeerk. Fiverr clones can benefit you in a few ways. First, and most importantly, they’re a nice little way to get some extra money. Secondly, those smaller sites are a good way to build relationships with clients which can result in long term positions.

Zeerk is one of those Fiverr clones. We spent a bit of time playing with the Zeerk site to get a feel for the interface and how easy it is to use. Here’s a bit about Fiverr clones, and a what we came up with.

Wait, What is a Fiverr Clone?

If you do a quick internet search for “Fiverr clone,” you’ll see that literally anyone can start their own Fiverr website. A $99 script is available to anyone who wants to create a Fiverr clone. Just buy the script, use it on a website, and you’re done. The site will look and act just like Fiverr, even down to the payment portal.

But because the script for a Fiverr clone is so accessible to anyone who can operate a computer, that means two things. First, there are bound to be about a thousand of them. Some will be good and some will not. Secondly, not all are legit. Be sure that you fully vet your Fiverr clone by searching reviews and other online information. Do this before you put time and effort into using the platform.

With that said, it could be fun to experiment with a few of the sites. You might find one that you like better than Fiverr. There are Fiverr clones which charge less than Fiverr’s 20%, and there are others with more lax Terms of Service statements.

Why Use a Fiverr Clone?

Well, Fiverr takes a lot of money from you, and you’ve got to wait quite some time to get what’s left of your earnings. But the question remains – why would you use any site like Fiverr or a Fiverr clone instead of one like Upwork?

First of all, we mentioned that these are great ways to make extra money. If you just want to do a quick $50 spot while you’re on vacation, sites like this are great. Or if you’re looking at freelancing as a part time job, these platforms are helpful as well.

But if you’re a full time freelancer and you want to build a few long term relationships, Fiverr clones are awesome tools. Once you show a client that you can provide quality work, start a conversation that directs him to other services you can provide for him. One well written about page can lead to a position as a blog or social media manager.

Third, you might like the range of services that you can provide on a Fiverr clone. Platforms like these don’t require that you specialize in one skill, like writing or translation. Instead, you can choose to write, customize WordPress and sell marketing ads, all in one place. We live in a “gig economy” – why not take advantage of that?

Okay, So What’s Zeerk?

When you visit Zeerk, you’ll notice that it looks remarkably like the Fiverr website. Sellers have posted gigs, which are displayed in a grid layout on the home screen. The gigs range anywhere from $3 to $100, and cover a huge variety of categories. Writers post here, but so do web designers, graphics designers and SEO pros.

The great thing about Zeerk is that, while Fiverr takes a full 20% of your earnings from gigs, Zeerk will only deduct 10%. This makes a huge difference when you’re working on such a small scale. The money you make from the gigs you post is money that you worked hard for, and with Zeerk you’ll be able to keep more of it.

Another advantage to using Zeerk is that you’ll be paid instantly. There are sites like Upwork, Fiverr and others which require a waiting period. From the time your client approves your work to the time that you have money in your bank account can be as much as 2 weeks with other sites. On Zeerk, you’ll be paid as soon as your work is approved.

You’ll be paid via PayPal or Payoneer, which may take a few days, but it’s a welcome change to see your earnings so soon. The only requirement is that you have at least a $4 balance at the time of your withdrawal.

How to Create a Zeerk Gig

Zeerk’s setup is quite similar to that of Fiverr. You’ll choose what service you want to offer, and then post a gig. Buyers will come on to the site, search for the gig they want, and buy from you. You complete the order, deliver it to your client, and get paid. Easy peasy. First, though, you’ll need to set up your gig.

You’ll choose your category when you create your gig, but we recommend that you scroll for a minute through the other offers. This will give you an idea of what others are posting, as well as what they charge. Once you’re ready, select your category. In this case, we’ll say “Writing and Translation.”

Choose a title for your job. We chose to offer to write an email from the Tooth Fairy to a child. Set the price (in our case, $6) and include any additional instructions. We asked for the child’s first name and an email address.

Next, you’ll set tags for your gig. These are pretty much anything a buyer would type in to find your ad. Holiday, Tooth Fairy and kids were just a few of ours. Tell your buyers how long it’ll take to deliver the service, and upload relevant pictures. As with Fiverr, we recommend that you don’t use stock photos.

Finally, choose any extras that you’d like to include with your service. We added the option of sending a physical letter to the child for an additional $10. Agree to the terms of service, and you’re done!

You’re going to need to market your gig a little, as Zeerk doesn’t have quite the traffic that Fiverr does just yet. But we feel that the advantages of the site outweigh the potential hassles, and that it might be a good fit for writers. Try it! Set up your gig, and see what happens. What have you got to lose?

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