The Best Book Cover Maker: Free E-Book Design

Best Book Cover Maker

The Best Book Cover Maker: Free E-book Design

Think about how you purchase a book via Amazon or any other online retail bookstore. Sure, you may be drawn to a certain genre of books or your favorite authors. But once you’re in that category, what draws your attention? Do you read every book blurb in the order they come up? Nope. If you’re like most people, you click the best book cover design that catches your eye.

If the cover catches your eye, you click and read further to determine whether to purchase a book, right? So, doesn’t it make sense that your book cover design should be top notch? It’s the book cover that helps draw in potential customers. To have a high quality, eye-catching cover, you either pay a graphic designer or you need the best book cover maker.

Free E-book design is possible but make sure you get the best book cover maker if you decide to go this route. When it comes to sales, your book cover design is as important as the actual story itself. If your book cover doesn’t catch the eye of readers, your blurb and story don’t get read by potential customers, which means your book sales will suffer.

Best Book Cover Design

There are many elements to a great book cover design. Although covers for printed books are a bit more complex, it’s perfectly feasible to design your own book cover. The best book cover maker will help you combine a background, image, and type to create the best design. Make sure to take time to read tips and tricks of cover design for the following areas:

• Type & Design (Fonts)
• Alignment
• Type Size and Weight
• Font Mixing
• Text Colors
• Thumbnail Readability

When choosing the best book cover maker there are several criteria to review and evaluate before making your choice.

User Friendliness of Interface

The best book cover makers are easy to use and don’t have a huge learning curve. If you are technology challenged, you may need a very different interface than if you are a technology whiz. Choosing a user-friendly interface saves you tons of time and reduces frustration when designing your book cover.

Availability of Features

Be sure to evaluate the features available from the book cover maker you are considering. Book cover design is critical to your book sales. The best book cover maker will have all the features you need to create a fabulous eye-catching book cover.


Do not let price alone sway your decision as to which book cover maker to use for your e-book design. There are some free book cover maker options out there. There are also some pretty pricey book cover makers out there that won’t produce the eye-catching cover design you need to sell books. Price is a factor, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. In fact, if you can find a free e-book design for your book text it will free up money that could be well spent on your book cover design.

Availability and Flexibility of Templates

Most book cover makers will offer a selection of templates.  You can utilize templates to begin your book cover design. Review the available templates to see how many of them suit your genre of book and your own style preferences. Consider the following questions when it comes to templates:

  • Are there templates that are close to what you envision for your own book cover?
  • Can you easily import images, fonts, etc.?
  • Are there several templates you could use to create your cover design without major modifications?
  • What kind of stock photos does the program include?
  • Are there limitations to the templates or are they flexible when it comes to fonts, color palettes, and other design elements?
  • Are there templates already sized correctly for your e-book design?

Book Cover Makers to Consider

Online Book Cover Creator
Canva Book Cover Maker
Cover Creator

Once you’ve found the best book cover maker for your book and genre here are some tips for creating the best cover for your e-book design:

• Make sure your book cover includes the book title, subtitle if applicable, and the author name.
• All text should be easily read even when the cover is a thumbnail version.
• Stick to one or two legible fonts
• Make your cover eye-catching and unique but keep it simple!
• Any graphic elements should clearly convey the genre, tone, or something important about the book. If you’re designing a book about all kinds of exotic fish, you don’t want a cover that is dark and foreboding. It sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people get this wrong.
• Make something about your cover “recognizable” so your readers know instantly it’s your book.
• Your book cover should convey the mood and tone of your book’s subject matter
• Use a background color or background image that contrasts well with the cover typography
• Carefully review your cover design as a thumbnail (80 x 115 pixels), on the product page (200 x 300 pixels) and on an iPhone or Kindle (600 x 800 pixels) for legibility.
• Less is more
• Balance type and images
• Make your design flexible in the event of future covers in a series

Book Covers Make a Promise

Though it is entirely possible to create your own book cover design using one of the best book cover makers, there is a lot of thought and skill that must come into designing your book cover. If you aren’t up to the time and persistence it will take to do it yourself, it’s better to invest money in paying for an experienced book cover designer.

The popular saying is “don’t judge a book by its cover”. But when it comes to buying books, most people do make snap decisions based solely on the cover of a book. Don’t give potential customers a reason to skip over your fabulous story. Just as important as capturing readers attention is capturing the attention of the right readers.

Book covers imply a promise. If your story is a historical fiction but your cover screams sci-fi or fantasy, disappointed readers will flood you with negative reviews. Use your book cover design to capture the attention of the right readers so you have the best chance of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

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