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Tom Senkus is a Colorado-based writer and the author of "The Guide to Busking" ( When not avoiding the treacherous wildlife or foiling his own self-assassination attempts, you can find him hunched behind a laptop writing about a myriad of topics, including music, coffee, startups, and the like.

To read more about Thomas, click onto his website, hyperlinked at the top of this page. You can also email him: "TSenkus" at freelancewithus(dot)com.

Writing Perspectives: Third Person Point of View

We have previously looked at writing perspectives, covering second person POV and first-person POV. In this article, we’ll break down the third person point of view and explore how you can use it effectively. Definition of Third Person Point of View Third person uses “he/she/it” and is by far the most commonly used writing perspective.

There […]

Writing Perspectives: Second Person Point of View

As a writer, it’s important to understand perspective, as the right POV can enhance your story, either by clarifying points to a reader or purposely making those points vague. We’re already look at first-person POV, and in this article we’ll break down the second person point of view and explore how to use it effectively. […]

Writing Perspectives: First Person Point of View

As writers, we must be aware of every element that goes into crafting a coherent piece for the reader. Few elements are as important as a point of view. Essentially, a point of view is the “eyes” through which a story is told. Intuitively, writers may know of the first person point of view, but […]

Freelancers Union: All You Need to Know

Freelancers Union Being a freelance writer can be daunting. Between sourcing clients, meeting deadlines, and all the other things that come with the territory, freelance writers tend to be alone when it comes to steering their business in uncharted waters. This is especially true when looking out for your interests—where can you turn if something […]

Academic Writing Tips: Write Better

Academic Writing Tips Whether you’re a college student or a freelancer that’s looking to specialize in a perpetually in-demand niche, academic writing presents a unique set of challenges. There are a number of strict rules for this type of formal writing, and most of them are unstated. So, where can you find academic writing tips that […]

The Best Writing Pens

Best Writing Pens Writers don’t necessarily “write” anymore. Long gone are the days when authors would dip their quill pens into an ink fountain by candle light. Even by contemporary measures, it seems that pens and penmanship are becoming a thing of antiquity (my handwriting has gone downhill as I spend most of my time […]

Author Tips: Writing a Book

Author Tips As anyone who has ever attempted it can attest, writing a book is not easy. If the sheer work involved isn’t enough to scare you off, trying to keep you subject matter, characters, form, and other elements can be downright mind-boggling. We’ve covered this topic before in our How to Write a Novel […]

Academic Writing Sites: The Best Resources

Academic Writing Sites If there’s one thing that students can agree on, it’s that writing academic papers is difficult. Consequently, many students consider this to be the bane of their collegiate experience. The reason behind this is that they’re so unprepared. Think about it, did you take a high school class on how to write […]

Creative Writing Jobs: A Writer’s Options

Creative Writing Jobs Don’t quit your day job. How many times have writers been told this by friends and family when discussing their ambitions to “make it” as a creative writer? The truth of the matter is that there are a wide variety of creative writing jobs out there—you just have to know where to […]

How to Start Writing: Tips for 2016

Being a writer is an ever-evolving process. It seems like every time I begin a new project or a new phase of my career, I find myself in the same conundrum: How am I going to get out of THIS one? Of course, this is what keeps the job satisfying and interesting. Yet, trying to […]