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Tom Senkus is a Colorado-based writer and the author of "The Guide to Busking" ( When not avoiding the treacherous wildlife or foiling his own self-assassination attempts, you can find him hunched behind a laptop writing about a myriad of topics, including music, coffee, startups, and the like.

To read more about Thomas, click onto his website, hyperlinked at the top of this page. You can also email him: "TSenkus" at freelancewithus(dot)com.

Brainstorming: Write to Focus Your Ideas

Brainstorming: Write to Focus Your Ideas Recently, I worked for a client who needed help finishing up a novel after several failed attempts. The end product finally appeared a month later, which came with a mixture of relief… and agony. The client was happy to have it finished. However, at almost 100,000 words, it was clearly bloated. […]

My Life as a Catfisher

Catfishing The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time). Possible motivations: revenge, loneliness, curiosity, boredom The term catfishing was inspired by the 2010 documentary “Catfish.” Gwen was worried that her online boyfriend was a phoney after she saw […]

Press Release Distribution for Authors

So, you’ve written the book? Check. And you’ve crafted a press release? Check. And you’re ready to distribute it? Um…. Writers are notoriously bad a self-promotion. Unfortunately, the world won’t come to those who hit this common snag. After sending out a few emails, it can be discouraging to have your press release seem like […]

Tips on How to Write a Press Release

Finished your book? Great! Now it’s time to spread the word with a press release. Unfortunately, most authors tend to gloss over the marketing angle of the book-publishing business. It may be embarrassing to admit, but you might not know the first thing about crafting a decent press release! To combat this ignorance, we’ll be […]

Book Press Release: How to Write and Distribute

Finally finished your book? Writing it may have seemed like half the battle, with layout and editing following shortly thereafter. But, guess what? You’re still not done. The real work has only just begun! You have to get the word out by creating a press release. Crafting an eye-catching press release is vital to getting […]

Freelancing While Traveling: How I Paid My Way for a Year

Greetings from a Greyhound bus heading westbound towards Chicago. For more than a year now, I’ve been freelancing while traveling. I’ve been to more than 16 countries, including Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Mexico, Canada, and across the United States, getting by while writing for clients. It’s a great lifestyle and it sure beats punching the clock […]

List of Poetry Publishers: Where to Send Your Poetry

Ever wondered where to send your poetry after you’ve crafted the perfect verse? Getting your poetry published is easier than you think, and our list of poetry publishers can help with that. There are a number of poetry publishers out there. Typically, publishers will have an open submission policy or a poetry writing contest/competition that […]

Publishers That Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

So you’ve revised and edited your manuscript—your book is finally done. What now? Most ambitious authors tend to go two ways: self-publishing or traditional publishing.  While we’ve covered self-publishing before, those that prefer seeking out a publisher to distribute their work may soon hit a roadblock: Most traditional publishers won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. This basically means […]

The Best Writing Techniques: Tips to Write Better

At, we’ve already covered many of the best writing techniques that freelance writers can use to maximize their earning potential and stay healthy while doing something they love—writing! In this article, we’ll give a few tried-and-true writing techniques for writers, as well as links to more in-depth articles. Best Writing Techniques: Outlines Ever get […]

Writing Contests 2017 (Sell Short Stories, Poems)

Curious about writing contests in 2017? If you paid attention to any of the blogs we’ve written on, you may have noticed that we’ve touched upon writing competitions in the past. As a way of finding extra income and accolades as a writer, submitting your work for writing contests can be a valid endeavor for […]