PJ Aitken Author: PJ Aitken

PJ Aitken began his writing career as an author, and he writes comedy, horror and thriller novels under two different pen names. Several years ago, he turned to freelancing as a way of plugging the gaps in his schedule, and after many sleepless nights, a great deal of frustration and a love/hate relationship with his clients, he still devotes some of his time to occasional freelancing projects.

PJ Aitken made it to the very top of both the oDesk and Elance rankings and is currently a member of the Upwork Pro program.

He is the author of The Writers' Companion, which relates his experiences as a freelancer, and aims to help others achieve the same success as him.

The Highest Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

I have been working as a freelance writer for a number of years now, plying my trade on sites like Upwork and focusing entirely on online freelancing portals and projects. In that time I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t; I’ve figured out how to get the best jobs, how to find the best clients […]

Unique Investments for the Self-Employed (Make Money with Collectibles)

Investing is incredibly important for anyone who is self-employed. This is especially true for freelance writers, as the money can be here one day and gone the next. By putting a little money to one side you can prepare for a rainy day and if you do your research and invest well then that money could […]

Freelancing Forum / Writing Forum, New Additions (Updates)

Freelancing With Us has come a long way over the last few months. The site is still less than a year old but we have hundreds of articles across dozens of subjects and it’s getting bigger everyday. I promised to make some big changes when that happened and I have! FWU now has a brand new […]

Five Tips to Get Facebook Likes

If you want to know how to get Facebook likes for your page, then this short guide should be able to help. We have covered a lot of marketing topics here on FreelanceWithUs, and Facebook has cropped up in many of them. There is a reason for that, and that’s because our own P.J. Aitken […]

Stop Buying Facebook Likes: Why It’s a Bad Idea

I had to check myself to stop this article from turning into a rant on why legitimate businesses need to stop buying Facebook likes. I’ve worked on many Facebook pages in my time as a freelancer, and I get a flourish of questions form my clients relating to this. There are many reasons this is […]

The Online Writer’s Companion: An Update

Freelance With Us was never supposed to be my site. At least, not entirely. I created this site in anticipation of my book, The Online Writer’s Companion, being released. I had already published fiction under two different pen names and had typical author websites for both of them (including David Jester). This was a new […]

How to Get An Agent: Finding and Getting an Agent

How to Get an Agent In a recent article title Do I Need an Agent? I discussed how essential agents are in this day and age and gave some tips on how to get an agent. If you have been struggling to find an agent, then you probably didn’t want to hear any of that. […]

Do I Need an Agent To Publish my Book?

Do I need an agent? This was a question I asked myself for many years, and one that took me over a decade to answer with certainty. I was a struggling writer for nearly ten years and I was frustrated with many of the agents I encountered in that time. I was a successful self-published […]

Book Marketing 101: Book Promotion Tips (Part 1)

Book Marketing 101: Book Promotion Tips (Part 1) In the first draft of The Online Writer’s Companion I included a closing chapter in which I announced that this book would be my sign-off. I planned to take a break from freelancing, maybe an indefinite one. I won’t bore you with the details on that (not […]

Self-Publishing Tips: How I Sold Half a Million Copies

I recently completed a self-publishing course, which you can find at the UK Writers’ College. The goal of this course is to help authors succeed in an field that essentially made me as an author and a freelancer. This article was quickly put together for another website, but I wasn’t entirely happy with it and […]