PJ Aitken Author: PJ Aitken

PJ Aitken began his writing career as an author, and he writes comedy, horror and thriller novels under two different pen names. Several years ago, he turned to freelancing as a way of plugging the gaps in his schedule, and after many sleepless nights, a great deal of frustration and a love/hate relationship with his clients, he still devotes some of his time to occasional freelancing projects.

PJ Aitken made it to the very top of both the oDesk and Elance rankings and is currently a member of the Upwork Pro program.

He is the author of The Writers' Companion, which relates his experiences as a freelancer, and aims to help others achieve the same success as him.

The Richest Fiction Authors in the World

  The average author will barely earn enough money to live on, and this is as true in the age of the self-published giants as it has always been. There are simply too many authors competing for the same limited shelf space. However, for every hundred or so authors that struggle to make ends meet, […]

The Truth About Crowdfunding: Chances of Success

The idea of crowdfunding is something that appeals to many writers and creative types. You have an idea, you tell the world your idea, and they give you the money needed to make it a reality. It’s perfect, or at least it’s perfect on the surface. The problem with crowdfunding is that those on the […]

How Much Can You Make on Freelance Writing Platforms?

I got into freelance writing after spending a few years as a self-published—and then traditionally published—author. I got into the habit of working around the clock—writing, editing, promoting at all hours of the day. And when I swapped the world of self-publishing for traditional publishing, I had a lot of free time on my hands […]

Do Qualifications Matter as a Freelance Writer?

I dropped out of school at a young age and never developed a formal education. I was fortunate enough to be a very curious kid and a bit of a loner, so I spent my days reading, creating, and learning—albeit not under the guidance of a tutor—and that ensured I didn’t have the mental capacity […]

Financial Advice for Freelance Writers: Five Top Tips

Whether you’re moving from contracted work to freelancing or this is your first job, take a look at these top financial tips to help you get stated. 1. Don’t Forget Healthcare and Insurance When you’re a freelancer you can’t rely on employers to sort out your life insurance and health insurance. This is something you […]

Books, Authors and Lawsuits: Five Cases

Artists seem to be suing each other every week in the music business, claiming that songs sound similar and even that entire melodies have been ripped off. There are only a specific amount of notes and ways that they be put together, and it creates a minefield for artists. Music, like story ideas, are something […]

Your Expenses as a Freelance Writer: Advice

If you have worked a standard, contracted job for many years and then make the switch to freelancing, one of the hardest changes to deal with is self-employment tax and the ways in which it differs from the income tax you pay as an employee. This is true both for the UK and the US—although […]

The Highest Paying Jobs in the United States Compared to Freelancing

There is no security in freelancing. It doesn’t matter how well you are doing, you can’t guarantee that you will still be doing that well tomorrow or next week. The good news is that many experienced and hardworking freelancers can still earn a sizable income over the course of the year, because those good times […]

Upwork Fee Increases: Why It Makes for a Better Platform

I spent several years on the oDesk and Elance platforms and I was pretty vocal about my preference for Elance at the time. When the two merged and became Upwork, I was trepidatious as I didn’t want Elance to basically turn into oDesk and to lose all of what made it unique in the process. […]

Pets of Famous Writers and Authors (Dickens, Byron and More)

  A cat or dog can be both a best friend and a muse to a writer. We work at home all day and spend countless hours alone in the tedium of our own company, so it helps to have a little loving ball of fur to cuddle into and, occasionally, crawl along the keyboard […]