The Best Affordable SEO Company (Top Agencies Reviewed)

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The Best Affordable SEO Company

When it comes to investing in your business, one possible solution for your copywriting and SEO needs is to hire the best affordable SEO company rather than an individual writer. There are many advantages to hiring a quality and affordable company who specializes in SEO copywriting over one individual writer. A cut-rate SEO agency is positioned to meet the wide range of copywriting needs necessary to get your product in front of customers.

Benefits of Hiring a Quality SEO Agency:

• Effective Email Campaigns
• Catchy Headlines
• Persuasive Product Descriptions
• Keyword rich descriptions without stuffing
• One Stop Shopping with Access to Multiple Writers
• Greater knowledge of SEO and other marketing practices

The best copywriting or SEO agency can also serve in a consultant capacity if you so desire. SEO agencies should have enough knowledge of marketing techniques to be able to help you determine the best type of copy for your website and customer base.

1. Clearly Define Your Copywriting Needs:

You’ve probably heard the saying “Garbage in garbage out” and it definitely applies when choosing the best affordable SEO agency. If you provide potential writers with a vague description of your copywriting needs, you’ll get vague results that will be ineffective in selling your product.

If you aren’t clear yourself on what kind of results you expect the written copy to achieve, then your copywriting agency will be shooting in the dark when it comes to writing content that meets your needs. Start the project off right and have clear goals and outcomes that you want to achieve.

These goals need to be specific to your cause and type. If you sell all kinds of paint respraying equipment, your audience will still be different from a company who actually offers to respray your home or your car. Review sites are different to service sites; manufacturers are different to retailers, even when they are seemingly in the same category.

Here are some questions to consider:

• Who are your customers?
• Do you have analytics in place on your website and are you monitoring traffic and click throughs and conversions?
• Do you want to increase traffic to your website?
• What is the message you want to send about your product or services?
• Is the goal to build an email list of potential customers?
• What are your expectations for an increase in traffic or sales?
• What are the values of your company and benefits of your product or service?
• How long do you want your product descriptions or written content to be?
• Do your readers respond to short, list type articles or longer narrative or how-to articles?

The answers to all these questions provide potential copywriters with the information they need to create high quality product or service descriptions. Having these answers lets SEO companies create written content that draws in interested readers and converts them to paying customers. If you hire an individual freelance writer, they may or may not have any experience with SEO and analytics.

If you want help with SEO, A/B testing, and ROI, you will be more likely to get that with an SEO agency or copywriting service.

2. Know Your Copywriters

To hire the best copywriting, agency make sure that you research and ask questions of the agencies you are considering. Thoroughly check the background and writing experience of the company. Also ask about the specific people who will be doing the writing on your project. With a quality copywriting agency, there will often be multiple writers available. Multiple writers benefits you by giving you access to writers who are best suited for your project.

Ask for samples of writing from the writers who will be assigned to your project to get an idea of how they write and if it will fit with your website and appeal to your customers.

3. Select from the Top SEO Agencies:

There are a multitude of SEO and copywriting agencies available in the market today. Below are some of the best copywriting agencies for your consideration:

• 540 SEO based in Portland, Oregon and founded in 2011. 540 SEO has nearly 200 employees and a 97% client retention rate.

• Compulsion Media is based in the UK and is a newly launched copywriting agency. They have five or more full-time employees, all of whom are experienced freelance writers, authors, or journalists with a bevy of experience.

• Web Full Circle based in Charlotte, North Carolina and founded in 2007. They employee 45 staff people and have a 92% client retention rate.

• Pro Web Consulting SA is an international company with a USA division that was founded in 2009 and employees approximately 12 full-time employees with a 97% client retention rate.

• Bonsai Media Group based in Seattle Washington and founded in 2009 employees 20 full-time employees and has a 95% client retention rate.

4. Budget for Pitches from Multiple Agencies

Hiring the best product copywriter is an investment in your business. Don’t cut corners when you are shopping for affordable SEO writing companies. Allow for funds in your budget to request paid test articles or pitches from the two or three agencies that make the final cut. Make sure to let the writing agency know that you want the tests done by the actual writers assigned to your project.

5. Choose the Best Affordable SEO Company

Once you’ve had a chance to review the test articles or pitches from several affordable SEO companies, choose the best one for your business and get to work. After the first articles, blog posts, ads, or product descriptions have been posted, watch your analytics to track any changes to analyze any other changes that may be needed.

One place that I can highly recommend you consider for quality copywriting and SEO services is Compulsion Media. This is a high quality affordable SEO writing company run by the owners of the Freelance with Us website and forum, as well as new projects like It is a reputable company that has access to multiple qualified freelancers, published authors, and journalists who are committed to producing the most accurate, up to date information available on products, services, and other content.

Their prices can be tailored to your unique project and they have partnerships and sponsorship opportunities available on a wide variety of well-known websites if you are looking for off-site content to help drive traffic. Compulsion Media will certainly help you to use your website or blog to put your best face in front of customers.

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