The Best Gig Jobs Site for Writers

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If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you ‘re familiar with our favorite platforms

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Actors dream of “seeing their name in lights” or on the big screen. Writers dream of seeing t

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Freelance Proposal Template: Ideas and Samples for Sending Proposals

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Probably one of the most time consuming aspects of being a freelance writer is that you’ve got

Best Freelance Writing Gigs Online

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How to Get Featured on Fiverr and Other Tips

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I’m sure it’s possible to make six figures each year on Fiverr. I don’t. I, personally,

Freelancing Forum / Writing Forum, New Additions (Updates)

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Freelancing With Us has come a long way over the last few months. The site is still less than a

How to Make Money on Fiverr

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If you’ve read The Online Writer’s Companion, you know that you can make a full time living t

Freelance Writer Resume Sample: Guidelines and Samples 

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We’ve stressed many times within the pages of Freelance With Us that it’s critical to a write

Freelance Insurance: Can you Insure Yourself as a Freelancer? 

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We’ve had a lot of questions come in over the past few weeks about how we survive as freelance

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Freelance With Us is a community for freelance writers, founded by an experienced freelancer with equal amounts of respect, love and disdain for the industry. Freelancing is a lonely, often frustrating profession. You have dozens of employers, are always staring into the stern and ugly face of an imminent deadline, and have no one to turn to if it goes wrong. The freelance sites themselves are there to earn a profit and to cater for clients, ensuring they keep putting money and jobs into the system. There is very little attention paid to the freelancers that keep those systems running and those clients happy, and there is little to no support available for them.

That’s the purpose of Freelance With Us. It is a place to learn — both about the clients and the sites — a place to improve your craft and a place to find friends and colleagues. But it’s also a place to vent, because while your family and friends might not understand your pain, your fellow freelancers will.

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